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Rather, our team is more interested in digging through the opinions and advice of rogue investors and critical-thinking profit creators who run against conventional wisdom and consensus opinion.

Collectively, we’re here to help you DISCOVER and GET RESULTS. Plain and simple, that’s what it’s really about, anyway!

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MARKET BYTES — Some of the best research and findings on economics, world markets, and broad financial trends that’ll give you an edge in making decisions with your money.

Of course, we know we must see the raw, revealing, unvarnished big picture that is happening, but in order to sync up with opportunity during times of ‘FEAR’ and ‘GREED’, we must also be possibility thinkers and smart risk-takers.

The news inside the Market Bytes section will help you be better equipped to make quick decisions to ensure your money is working properly for you, regardless of economic or political conditions.

INVESTING — Whether it’s a dose of wisdom from a seasoned pro, some high-reward ideas from other investors who are thinking outside the box, or resources to leverage your research, you’ll find it in this section.

To be a conscious investor (as well as a value-driven entrepreneur), you must constantly be CURIOUS.  Money likes open-minded ideas and rapid execution, not stagnant beliefs based on ideology and fear.

When you’re constantly seeking, reading, examining, and questioning, you can’t help but sense crowd psychology and better predict where the perpetual motion of people, trends, and desires will go next!

LIFESTYLE DESIGN — Knowing what you want out of life can only FIRST start by knowing what life has to offer. In this section, we’ll archive posts that’ll assist in your personal quest to experience life on your terms.

From health, to finances, to travel, and privacy news… you’ll find information to help with key questions that you must have solid answers to:

> “What am I most talented at and passionate about?”
> “How can I use my strengths and uniqueness to solve a problem or add value to others?”
> “Where can I find useful info to expand my creativity and idea base?”

Contrary to what you might think, you don’t want to be worth millions. Instead, you really want to experience what you believe millions can buy.

Our Lifestyle Design section is all about exploring, dreaming, and discovering the non-money (not directly, anyway) aspects to living. It’s info to spark more value in your life, as wealth can’t come, and never will come, before value.

HIGH JINKS — Like you (we’ll venture to guess), we also loathe such nauseous things as entitlement thinking, do-gooder extremism, capitalism bashing, political incompetence, and over-regulation.

However, persistent negative sentiment, mistrust, and contempt for markets and the political elitist machines that have their meddling hands in those markets can NEVER hamster mobile porn be what drives your decisions…. if, that is, you’re willing to first be a professional and competent speculator.

But, you can’t just stick your head in the sand and keep your money in ‘lock down’ or ‘preservation’ mode either (yup, life demands balance). So, the WW will post seemingly gloomy items from time to time. But, we will NOT focus or perpetuate doomsday nonsense or what we like to call Chicken Little Investment Analysts (CLIAs).

We think you will find The Wealth Wire News Feed an incredibly valuable part of your investing and wealth-generation activity and time.

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